Visiting distillery Edradour

Visit one of the smallest distilleries with excellent Whiskys!

If you have the occasion, dont miss out a visit at Edradour distillery! I love this one!

Have been in Scotland by motorbike and visited a few disitilleries, one of them was Edradour.

The tour by the young lady in a green kilt  was very personal, not so professional and perfectly organized, more a tour with one of the “family members” who proudly introduces his own production. The distillery has an interesting history, the tour was funny and informative. All the old farm house buildings are renovated with love and makes the area to a really cozy place. 

 And of course I was impressed by the variety of whiskeys, the effort put into the experiments with different barrels. The owner loves to try new combinations and new barrels for the maturing of his whiskys and some of them are produced only in small batches, so you are lucky to get the occasion to taste one of them. 

 The whisky tasting at the end was great and in the end I had my list with the malts that I need to take into my collecton. Finally we left the distillery in very good mood …. 😉

I can only recommend a visit there – maybe especially in contraty to visiting one of the large distilleries, where everything is much more professional, but also less personal.

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