Shipping Methods

Shipping Methods

Shipping cost within Germany (also to packing stations): 

DHL parcel (transport insurance up to 500 Euro):

Basic 3,50 Euro + 0,80 Euro per kg

Prices will be automatically calculated in the shop and paid together with the purchase price. Parcels will be sent to you after payment.


Shipping Cost to Czech Republic:

  1. Goods, which have been already officially imported to Czech Republic

We were able to find some of our products at wholesalers in the Czech Republic importing them. These can be shipped within the Czech Republic.

Delivery price for these products:

Czech Postal Service: 3,89 Euro + 0,58 Euro per 2 kg (= ca. 100 Kč + 15 Kč per 2 kg)

GLS:                           3,89 Euro + 0,78 Euro per 2 kg (= ca. 100 Kč + 20 Kč per 2 kg)

Weight classes (estimated values, may vary with size and weight of the bottles you choose)

1 bottle   ca. 2 kg                2 bottles ca. 4 kg                3 bottles ca. 5 kg

4 bottles ca. 6 kg                5 bottles ca. 8 kg                6 bottles ca. 10 kg


The prices for these products are automatically calculated in the shop. You pay the delivery costs together with the purchase price and the goods will be sent to you automatically.

These products are approved for sale to private individuals and companies and also possible for resale in the Czech Republic.

  1. Goods, which have not been yet officially imported to Czech Republic

Unfortunately, this is not possible with all products. Some special bottles we cannot buy in Czech Republic. Therefore, we cannot automatically release the general shipping for these products to the Czech Republic. You will recognize this if no delivery costs are displayed for your delivery. Products that are not imported in the Czech Republic, are not allowed to be sent as a commercial shipment to the Czech Republic.

According to existing laws these can only be imported by you personnally and for personal use to the Czech Republic. It is allowed to import a maximum of 10 liters of whiskey personnally and for personal use from Germany to Czech Republic.

You can order these bottles in the shop and after payment they will be packed and prepared for you. Then you can then pick them up in person or organize a private pick-up service.

The purchase in our shop is in this case completed by your order, your payment and our provision of the goods at our shop for you. For shipping, we can give you a non-binding shipping recommendation. The transport must be organized privately and on your own responsibility.

Your shipments will in most cases come with an insurance included to a certain amount, depending on the transport service, about 500,- Euro or more.

We agree to cancel the purchase and refund the purchase price if your package is returned to us, even though it was a private purchase and you have complied with the legal limits.

There are different services for pick-up parcels from Germany. For example you can try here:

Prices for pick-up parcels from Germany to Czech Republic at the time of our request:

(Current prices can be found on the website of the service)

up to 3 kg (about 1 bottle)               395, – Kc

up to 10 kg (about 2 to 6 bottles)   445, – Kc

up to 20 kg (about 7 to 12 bottles) 645, – Kc

Shipping with insurance included (current amount for insurance you will find when booking)

This is the website of German Post. The prices are better, but you must complete the form in German language.

Let us know if you need support.

Prices for pick-up parcels from Germany to the Czech Republic at the time of our request:

(current prices can be found on the website of the service):

up to 2 kg (1 bottle)                            13,99 Euro

up to 5 kg (2 bottles)                          15,99 Euro

up to 10 kg (up to 6 bottles)               20,99 Euro

up to 20 kg (up to 12 bottles)             31,99 Euro

Shipping with insurance included (current amount for insurance you will find when booking)


Shipping cost to other countries:

Orders from individuals of other countries are possible, but cannot be handled automatically in the shop.

To clarify the delivery options, we ask you to send us an email to:

We will be happy to check for you, if we can sell to your country and what would be the delivery cost for you.


Note about sales and shipment of alcohol:

We would love to offer a direct shipment of our products to all our international customers. Unfortunately, the laws about the sale of alcohol – even within the European Union – are so complicated, go along with such high fees and severe penalties that it is practically impossible for smaller companies to do this.

We tried to do set up legally correct procedures and were prepared to pay correctly our taxes for official imports to other countries.

But a small business, like us, simply can not afford the requirements and the fees that are required for this.

The import into individual countries therefore is reserved for some big wholesalers who have the financial strength and sufficient resources for legal assistance.

In our opinion, this will neither protect the customer from bad alcohol nor will it guarantee the settlement of the state tax debts. But it prevents smaller companies from participating in this market.

Maybe we will – together with you, our customers – once reach the necessary market size. Perhaps also the politicians will care about this problem in the future and at least implement the Europe-wide free trade, which is indeed the aim of the EU.

Until then, unfortunately, we can only offer you the mentioned solutions.