Edradour Distillery

Edradour is wellknown as one of the smallest Whiskey distilleries in Scotland, whichi is producing a remarkable Single Malt.
The output of the two pot stills is only about 130,000 liters per year.
Edradour is located in the Perthshire area, directly both sides of the small river Edradour, connected by a small bridge. But the distillery gets its water not from this little river, but from the Ben Vrackie springs.

Until today Edradour is making a great effort to maintain the production in the traditional way, while meeting all the quality and legal requirements of a modern whisky production. So, here you still find a manual and with love produced whisky, with a surprising variety of tastes. 

Edradour is a typical highland single malt, produced in very small pot stills. The owner, Andrew Symington, loves to experiment with maturing his whiskeys in very different barrels from all over the world. These range from Burgundy and Sauternes via Port to Pedro Ximenez. For this reason you will find a wide range of very individual whiskys.

In earlier times whisky production was illegal and small private productions, mostly in the Scottish Highlands, sold their goods on the black market. Edradour was traditionally one of these producers. The Excise Tax Act of 1823, which promoted licensing and reduced the levies on alcohol, made it more attractive to start the legal production. 

In 1825 Edradour was officially founded as a cooperative of local farmers. Because of its small size, the distillery survived all legal and political hurdles and preserved the traditional art of production and the experience of whiskey creation.

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